Rocketman (2019)

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Rocketman (2019)

Music | Drama
7.5 / 10
Release Date
22 May 2019
2 : 1 minutes
Spoken Language
The story of Elton John's life, from his years as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music through his influential and enduring musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

Cast Overview :

Elton John
by: Taron Egerton
Bernie Taupin
by: Jamie Bell
John Reid
by: Richard Madden
by: Bryce Dallas Howard
by: Gemma Jones
by: Steven Mackintosh
by: Tom Bennett
Young Reggie
by: Matthew Illesley
Older Reggie
by: Kit Connor
Ray Williams
by: Charlie Rowe
Dick James
by: Stephen Graham
Doug Weston
by: Tate Donovan
Helen Piena
by: Harriet Walter
by: Jason Pennycooke
by: Ophelia Lovibond
by: Jimmy Vee
Renate Blauel
by: Celinde Schoenmaker
Kiki Dee
by: Rachel Muldoon
AA Counsellor
by: Sharon D. Clarke
Elton Dean
by: Evan Walsh
by: Peter O'Hanlon
by: Ross Farrelly
by: Sharmina Harrower
Dave Godin
by: Aston McAuley
by: Alexia Khadime
by: Carl Spencer
by: Leon Delroy Williams
Pub Man
by: David Doyle
by: Dickon Tolson
by: Leigh Francis
Maître D'
by: Graham Fletcher-Cook
by: Sian Crisp
by: Guillermo Bedward
by: Max Mackintosh
Mr Anderson
by: Charles Armstrong
Mrs Anderson
by: Barbara Drennan
by: Leon Cooke
LA Transgender Maid
by: Micah Holmes
Mary the Receptionist
by: Diana Alexandra Pocol
by: Layton Williams

Member Reviews :

There’s so much that works about ‘Rocketman’, so the fact it never fully commits to its musical fantasy conceit is a bit of a disappointment. It ends up aligning most with Julie Taymor’s curious 2007 Beatles musical ‘Across the Universe’ - a really great idea and approach to the work of a musical artist that never finds its feet or the bravery to fully be itself. It’s still a moving and occasionally stirring portrait of Elton John, and while the lack of emotional or narrative detail in the screenplay never allows Taron Egerton to fully unleash his potential, he’s still a terrific Elton John and sings the hell out of these amazing songs. In the end, despite a refreshing honesty and some fascinating choices, ‘Rocketman’ is never as daring as it so desperately wants and needs and deserves to be, a film on the road to somewhere but never quite getting there. - Daniel Lammin Read Daniel's full article...
Elton John has had a career that has spanned decades, millions of albums sold, packed venues, awards, and more than a few headlines. In the new film “Rocketman” audiences get a look behind the man thanks to the amazing and Oscar worthy portrayal by Taron Egerton. The film opens with a flamboyantly dressed John entering rehab in one of his stage costumes. As he opens up with his group, he shares the story of his childhood as a shy child who is desperate to have his father show him any signs of approval or affection. When it is discovered that he has talent with the piano; his grandmother encourages him and even takes him to apply for a position at the Royal Academy of Music. His mother (Bryce Dallas Howard) is moderately supportive but is more focused on her social life brought on by her failing marriage. As the film unfolds; we see Elton working in a backup band and in time answering an ad that puts him with an agent. Paired with the man who would eventually change his life; Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), Elton and Bernie combine to write a series of songs which in turn leads him to a series of gigs in Los Angeles. The film shifts into high gear at this point as we see how their music becomes a smash and leads to a series of parties, drugs, and money. Elton meets Manager John Reid (Richard Madden), who becomes his partner both socially and professionally as Elton embraces his Homosexuality which he has kept largely hidden. As the record sales and hits mount, so does the destructive behaviors which leads Elton down a destructive path that threatens everything he has worked for. The movie is a masterpiece of music and story and it cleverly uses musical montages and segments around the performances to outline various segments of his life and his rise to stardom. The performances are amazing and Egerton was simply amazing as he not only captured the complexity of his character but performed all the vocals of the hit songs himself and they were spot on. During our Press Screening I noticed many people singing along, tapping their feet, or bobbing their heads along with the music which helps to underscore just how timeless and popular his catalog of music has been as the songs have endured the test of time. The film also evokes some unexpected emotion as there were more than a few people wiping their eyes during the film which at its core is a store of a young, shy boy desperate to be accepted and loved. I truly hope the film is recognized come Awards season as it is a wonderful and memorable cinematic experience. 5 stars out of 5